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France. Strategy is important, and we have decided that Jérôme will take the honor on the 1rst tee (odd numbered holes 1-3-5.) and I'll take the even holes. Jerome needed a few holes to get in the rythm. For Jérôme it will be one of his best memory as a player, a highlight on his career. A lot of countries are favorites with 2 world ranked players like South Africa (Schwartzel and Oosthuizen England (Poulter - Rose Scotland, USA, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Wales, Holland and Australia for the top 18 teams.

Yesterday, we payed heavily for only 3 bad shots. Of course, the tournament is still very long, but we are into it and I'm quite proud of what we have done! Good for our team, I like long stuff. I can perfectly work on my trajectories (high, low, mid the ball's contact is great, and the landing is perfectly soft. We played the pro-am today.

The quality of the field is also different. The Belgium flag is proudly there at -5. Another better day than the score tells! Holes are quite balanced here at Mission hills between odd and even holes. The weather is not tremendous but the course is playing a litlle bit shorter than yesterday. Jérôme, clear headed explained: "The difference between Nicolas and myself is that my misses are much bigger than top european players. I had a 3wood for the green but bunkered it and my putt took the hole but didn't drop! This is experience, this is why they are so good, specially Nicolas who played wonderfully today and sustained me till the 18th.

Good to have 3 brains here with Mich giving us his efficient advices. From the first shot on the first tee, we suffered as a team because this course ask only good long shots. Mich is quite happy with my game and what we have been working the last weeks. Twentieth would be a success. He explained a new vision on the short game, from scratch. I have to thank Mich for his knowledge and mental coaching, spot on Mich, and also both caddies who applied perfectly our strategy with Jérôme. Birdie on 11, and we were 1 better than the Spanish! We, Belgians, are different; we are quieter but we don't need to be impressed by their show. Tuesday, Nov 22nd, 2011, we played that great course twice.

Well, tonight, it will be time to say goodbye to Jérôme and Mich. They finished in style, and also very noisy (Brian had to tell them to be quieter with 4 bridies, where we only birdied the 14th! We would also have never played so well without Mich, the work done during this last 2 weeks will be important for the next tournaments. Good birdie at the 9! Now like Mich said, for Jérôme, this is quite a rich expérience as a coach to feel once again the requirements of high level golf. Brian and "Bo" can concentrate to do the same for tomorrow! Brian is also quite happy of my short game and he's optimistic for the future. Sunday, Nov 27th, 2011, no miracle. I needed 3 or 4 holes to cool down. We played Guatemala today who did the 10th score of the day, better than Ireland, italy or South Africa!

Less rain and more wind today. Another lost ball on 11, a par 3, caused another double bogey. Weather is not that good, it's humid and often rainy, a fine rain and the course is soft. They bang on it and I played it too carefully. Thursday, Nov 24th, 2011, so proud of Jérôme! The tension is slightly building. We learned a lot, we had great satisfaction like after the 1rst and the 3rd day and during all the preparation. On 6, I play a huge drive and Jérôme had a long shot to the green. By the way, it was the first time that I played with both of them. Never happend this year elsewhere.


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But lenght doesn't that matter if you're are not closer to the pins. He was there from the first drive till the 18th! Friday, Nov 25th, 2011 3 bad shots on 3 different holes, a few penalty strokes, on the same holes, for unplayable balls, and you need to play very well on the other holes to keep a decent score. He hesitated too long for the first time on the tournament and played his first bad shots. Mich has pumped us to bounce back tomorrow, we will! We would like to thank Brian and Bo who battle with us during this week, they have been a great support and we learned a lot from their experience. At the practice this morning, he told us that his club were weighting 20 kilos each.

2 months now that everybody is rehearsing. Beau played in the Irish Junior teams so he knows the game as a player and as a caddy with his experience on Tour. This file is closed. A good Jérôme once again today who keeps playing on a high level. My brain understands and accepts the information, and on the course it worked very nicely. Wednesday, Nov 23rd, 2011, the inaugural ceremony is incredible, a dimension never seen in Europe. Nice acceleration in the end with 4 birdies in the last five holes.

Monday, Nov 21st, 2011. Everything is fine, red carpet everywhere, islands, nice bridges, gardens. Great coaching to bring Jérôme to keep his composure, being confident that he has the ball striking now to compete at that level. That shot shaken his confidence and quietness and we were very unlucky. The long run of such event is physically demanding. But, I don't know about the forecast. For the ones, who still do not know who's longer between Quiros and myself, well the winner is definitely Belgian! They have space, money and the will to reach high standards. I find it funny playing two of the best European players.

We would have deserved it but that's life. Jérôme's birdie at 9 gave us another cushion before playing the second half where, normally, you'll find more birdie opportunities. 5 is a good score, it could have been better, birdie on 16 had to drop, this is our only regret! And I'm really into. Now I have to bring this novelty in tournament which will take some time, but like I said I'm quite into. 3 after 9 is a great start. "Twie ketjes van Brussel goe beizig met onze chineze stuut" ;o).

Jérôme started once again strongly, great opening drive. Mich and Beau (Jérôme's caddy) insist that he stays in the action and not in thinking mode to avoid hesitations or doubts. I can tell you that we're all very happy, relieved also on the quallity of work done in the preparation. And what we have really to memorize are the three class birdies we played on 9, 12 and 13, after the previous adventures.". Quite a long course, there is a par 5 where I hit Drive, 3 wood, 8 iron. I played 24 holes perfectly and suddenly came that doubt, a shot that I never played before.

Belgium is in good company. Only 2 strokes from the 6th place. So, this is not the end of the world, this is only the second round of the World Cup, 2 more to go, and we have still a lot of good shots in the bag! Give me a few weeks to work this and I have the feeling that I can progress on that level of the game. For my part, my game is in shape also, building nicely for the end of the season.

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Site gay plan cul rencontre beur gay This course is something we will maybe never have in Belgium! We did the right technical and mental decisions. Mich did a ranking and think that Belgium is worth mathieu paris gay bite de 23 cm a 20th place. In a few month Jérôme upgrated his game like never, we wil keep great memories of this adventure, something we dreamed off as we were juniors.
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Mathieu paris gay bite de 23 cm But this is a very high level of the game. Aiming where I want to go, even on left cutted pins.

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In fact, that second shot at the grosse queue de rebeu salope a dijon 6 is responsible for the 2 others misses. Next week UBS Hong Kong and then the DubaI World Championship. Finding the land, having the permits and funding the project seems so unfeasible in our country. It's quite nice to see all the players and the event organizer got together in such an event. And Belgium is part of it! That's gonna be an important key for him, and Beau will have an important role to play. But believe me or not, the 15 other holes were beautifully played, with 4 birdies and some other ones who could fall in like on 16 - 17 and. I was more nervous, I don't know why.